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We are a full-service sign shop, providing sandblasted and CNC (computer numerical control) routed wood signs, and plasma cut steel signs. We also lay stone as part of monument signs and stone pillars for our signs. As a full service sign shop, we work closely with our clients in every facet of the process from initial consultation to DESIGN, design packages, sign fabrication, permitting, and installation. We also cut vinyl for windows and vehicles, provide banners, architectural letters, stamps, trophies and more. We have a 30' boom crane for installing and/or servicing signs just out of reach of an extension ladder. Established in 1976, we take great pride in our excellent customer service and quality of work. We look forward to helping you with your next amazing sign project!

THE ARCHITECTURAL SIGN describes the sign that incorporates architectural elements of a structure so that the sign and the place it identifies compliment each other. These signs use multimedia such as masonry in the base, metal or cedar wood (sandblasted and/or routed) faces that make the graphics dimensional. If you are interested in metal, there are various ways to cut it, shape it, and weld it to create a unique dimensional sign. We prefer the use of real wood signs instead of high-density urethane (HDU) because of its inherent natural strength, warmth, and resistance to impact damage. However, HDU has become popular as an alternative to the real wood sign and has certain merits. If you like its light-weight and neutral, grainless character, it can add an interesting dimensional element to an architectural sign.

SANDBLASTED & ROUTED DIMENSIONAL SIGNS Our in-house equipment includes an industrial level air compressor with its corresponding high-capacity blasting machine (sand pot), and two CNC cutting machines; one for cutting metals and the other for cutting wood, plastics, and other substrates. Since we have the luxury of owning this equipment, we are not at the mercy of other companies to have their equipment available after hours or during the weekend.

With an eye for the best cedar and the grain of the wood, we are able to create custom wood signs in Asheville and surrounding areas with remarkable results: wood textures that make your sign come alive! Unlike signs blasted from synthetic materials, the warm character of a real wood sign contributes greatly to its attractiveness and strength. Having been in business since 1976 we can offer our experience regarding the longevity of any sign, as well as time proven installation techniques.

We also offer sandblasting services to our contemporaries. We treat your signs with the same level of care and quality as our own. The high volume and pressure of our industrial level equipment guarantees the best results, in the shortest amount of time.

METAL SIGNS can incorporate new metals with polished, machined, or smooth finishes with older metal sign elements exhibiting a natural aged patina. We create metal signs with the precision that comes with using our PlasmaCAM (a CNC controlled machine). The colors and textures of metal signs and the combinations available are a constant source of inspiration for us.

BANNERS offer the ability to present a message that can be displayed in a variety of places and situations for a reasonable price. They can be installed almost anywhere.

MAGNETIC SIGNS are for you if you own a vehicle that you want to place advertising onto with the ability to remove it when you want to. We typically make them in pairs from $75.00 up.

VINYL can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including glass, MDO composites (aluminum or vinyl sign faces), plastics, and vehicles. It is very cost efficient and easy to work with. If you prefer to apply vinyl yourself, we can deliver it as ready-to-apply graphics.

ABOUT US Jimmy Lamb was raised in Asheville, and has been making wood signs in Asheville and surrounding areas since 1976. We are the oldest (original owner) sign shop in Asheville! Here is THE STORY of how he got into signmaking. He loves incorporating realistic paintings into his signs (especially classic cars and trucks) as well as metal working. Jimmy is a classic car enthusiast and drives some of his Ford cars and Ford trucks. Several years ago, Jimmy met the love of his life, Elizabeth, in 1993, and together they started adding stonework to their signs. Elizabeth will be quick to tell you that she's the better mason, but their styles are identical and they are delighted to include stone as a pleasing accent to almost any sign. Elizabeth also loves to create wire wrapped jewelry with sterling silver wire and gemstones. Visit her website and have a look!

CUSTOMER SERVICE We have extensive experience in the graphics industry, and our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Personable and dedicated, you'll enjoy working with Lamb Sign Company, home of the best custom wood and metal signs in Asheville.


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